Randall Quinn

A 60 year old engineering professor with a taste for scotch and steam-engines


Engineering – 30 Driving – 5 Negotiating – 10 Boating – 3


Prof. Quinn is an eccentric, energetic 60 year old man from Oxford, England and emigrated to the United States back in 1885. He has a shock of white hair that could make Einstein looks stylish and thick, bushy eyebrows. In stark contrast to the rest of his hair, his beard is nicely maintained and cut short, forming a thin circle around his mouth.

Randall keeps himself fit by constantly tinkering in his workshop, building various steam-powered contraptions. Obviously boilers and metal piping can be quite heavy, so Randall needs to keep up his strength. However, in the more recent years, age is beginning to take it’s toll and he is resorting more and more to pulleys and other contraptions to help him lift the heavier components.

Randall stands around 5’8, weighs about 16st and is still working as an engineering professor, lecturing at the University of Pennsylvania.

Randall has fathered two children, both girls: Sally Quinn and Mallorie Quinn. They’ve both grown up and moved on to their own lives now, both married and beginning families of their own, though he still sees them at least every other month for a family meal. His wife, Hetty Jones, came with him from England and they’ve been married for 35 years.

Randall is a fiercely curious man and ever since his early days studying at Oxford, he has been interested in learning new things and exploring. He spent a brief time in Africa on safari and his visited several scientific institutes across the world. When not tinkering, he enjoys reading, motoring and going on picnics with his wife. He loves nothing better than to drive down in his beloved Stanley Steamer to an idyllic spot and sit in the sun with his wife, reading a good book. He also enjoys taking a boat out onto the lakes.

Randall Quinn

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